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Policies & Legal

Privacy Policy

CE Solutions will not release any personal or business data to anyone outside of the CE Solutions/VGM Education organization. Contact information may be used occasionally to notify consultants, participating vendors, and CEU bodies about our services, programs, events, products, or the like but will never be given or sold to unaffiliated third parties.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is designed to align with the standards of the online learning industry. Due to the complexity of the Internet and the diversity of its users, we realize that unforeseen circumstances can arise that might require you to cancel your studies on any given program.

All credit card purchases from this site and/or any sub-sites are subject to the following refund criteria:
• The purchaser must contact us within 10 days of purchasing a course with CE Solutions.
• You have not completed the test.
• Refunds are made only to the credit card used for the purchase.

To request a refund, please use the following contact information:
Phone: 866-650-3400
Email:  info@discovercesolutions.com  


CE Solutions does not represent any of the individuals or companies (hereinafter "authors") included within this online university with the exception of those specifically identified as employees or agents of CE Solutions/VGM Education. CE Solutions makes no claims, explicit or implied, regarding the author’s ability, reliability, reputation, experience, or suitability to provide services or information. All users of this service must make their own evaluation of the quality and suitability of the information provided.

Neither CE Solutions, nor its officers, directors, employees, or representatives, shall be liable for damages, including special and consequential damages, arising out of or in connection with the information provided by the authors. While CE Solutions has no information indicating that said information is not freely available for use in the form presented, no representation of any kind is made regarding the copyright status or ownership of said information.

All authors have provided their material as a service to CE Solutions students. However, it is possible that any of these materials may be changed, temporarily disabled, or discontinued at the sole discretion of CE Solutions. Suggestions for content changes are always welcome.