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  • We looked at a number of vendors for our educational needs and we chose CE Solutions. The program is very user-friendly, the employees really enjoy it. They are doing it on-campus, off-campus, on their own time, and we now have 100% participation with our in-services, it's working out great for us."
  • Dan, Des Moines, IA
  • WHC has worked with CE Solutions for over a year now and they have been very gracious and flexible with all of our requests.  They have provided us with an abundance of educational options and even created a few specialized courses just for us.  We have been very pleased with the effort they have put in to make us happy.
  • Kim, Cedar Falls, IA
  • Switching to CE Solutions was an extremely positive decision for us and our 22 facilities, including 17 in Wisconsin.  The quality of the programming is significantly improved, the serve and responsiveness is excellent, and a huge added bonus, our costs went down substantially from what we were using.  Additionally, their flexibility in tailoring calluses to specific need is a huge incentive.
  • Bob, Lakewood, CO
  • We are spending time streamlining processes so our staff members can spend more direct time caring for and enhancing our residents' lives. This is how we define quality. If we can streamline and customize educational opportunities for our staff members through the use of a high-quality company like CE Solutions, it is a win-win situation - for staff and residents alike.
  • Shellie, Rochester, MN